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This page is a collection of some of the software and music projects I have done in the past. If you like what you see or
have any questions let me know.

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Website Development

Vintage Playground

Vintage Playground is a band based out of Kitchener, Ontario. This e-commerse website was designed to allow fans the ability to purchase music, merchandise, and tickets to shows.

The technology used to create this website was Wordpress, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The backend was a server running linux, PHP and MySQL.

nickiden.com (old version)

This was an old version of my site I created to blog about audio production, and promote building websites. I offered SEO solutions for customers in the Kitchener/Waterloo tri-city area.

I used this website to promote a Digital Ocean web server I used to host web sites. The web server was a linux based server.


Brixtonmusic.com was a recording studio I founded in 2008. I created the website to post blogs and promote my music business. The website also offered online courses for members. These sessions included audio production, guitar, and bass lessons.

The technology used to create this website was Wordpress and WooCommerce.


Deb Loyd is a motivational speaker who writes and performs children stories. I created a simple site that is easy to navigate right from the landing page. Customers can purchase her children stories from her online shop. I also created a form so people can book her for workshops.

The technology used to create this website was Wordpress, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I used WooCommerce for her online store.

Mobile Design/Development

Metronome Project

This is a side project of mine called Groovebone Music. I want to use Groovebone as a way to make tools for musicians and producers.
This first project is a simple metronome created for with Swift for iOS devices.

Simple UI with SwiftUI

This program is written using SwiftUI frame work. The user can set the tempo, start, and stop all with their thumb.

The second screen is the setting using SwiftUI's form feature. Users can adjust the sound and add a heptic feature.

Trip App Mockup Design

Tripd app is a road trip app a group of class mates and I designed. It is built using java in android studio. The mockups and design were done using Adobe Xd and Photoshop. These are the design screens of the app.

Loading Page

This page is a list of all the trips saved. The user can swipe through and add a trip.

Add Trip

Users can use this page to add a trip and update as well.

Trip Info

All the information of the trip is displayed.